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God’s Sanctuary

God’s Sanctuary
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God’s Sanctuary

God’s Sanctuary is the result of many year’s interest in the study of the Tabernacle. Over the years Bob Raven became increasingly uneasy about some of the accepted tabernacle teaching expressed in various books and models, particularly in the finer details. This led him to spend two winters in seclusion, with only his Newberry Bible and a Strong’s Concordance, seeking to unravel some of its teaching.

The result is a most interesting book, not written in a heavy theological style, but rather in an easily read chatty manner.  It is most suitable for all who seek to have an insight into the great truths and teaching of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.

Author: C. H. Raven
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd
Year: 1991
ISBN 13: 9780946351312
Number of Pages: 340
Format: Paperback

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