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God's Blueprint for a Church

God's Blueprint for a Church
God's Blueprint for a Church

God’s Blueprint for a Church is just what the subtitle states — a study of Baptist distinctives. We feel such a course as this is necessary, not because we believe (as some have falsely accused) that Baptists will be the only ones in Heaven, but because there is a definite need for people to understand that the position we now hold and for which people through the centuries have been persecuted and given their lives is that defined by diligently searching God’s Word … With the resurgence of a healthy Calvinistic soteriology among Baptists in recent history, and with the revival of serious study in the Puritan writings of an earlier time, many Baptists who are serious about these things have had a tendency to neglect their distinctive position in the ecclesiology of the New Testament. This study is an attempt to provide material for general usage by which concerned Baptist pastors and teachers can recover their distinctive position.

Author: Kenneth H. Good

Binding: Paperback

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