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An Exposition of the book of Solomon's Song

An Exposition of the book of Solomon's Song
An Exposition of the book of Solomon's Song
Excerpt from An Exposition of the Book of Solomon's Song: Commonly Called Canticles

The following Exposition was delivered in one hundred and twenty-two sermons, to the Congregation where God in his providence has placed me, and were designed only for their use, profit, and edification. Had I had any thoughts of publishing it to the world when I entered upon it, perhaps it might have appeared with some little more advantage than now it does; nor had it appeared now, had not the importunity of the people to whom I minister, with others, obliged me to it; to which I the more readily complied, considering that the authority and usefulness of this book are called is question in this loose and degenerate age; in which, not only this, but all scripture is ridiculed and burlesqued, and the great doctrines of faith therein contained treated with the utmost sneer and contempt; and therefore would willingly contribute all I can towards the vindicating of this, or any other part of the sacred writings; which, being given by inspiration of God, are "profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness."

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