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Baptist Beliefs

Baptist Beliefs
Baptist Beliefs

Edgar Young Mullins explains the core beliefs and tenets of the Baptist Church in this exceptional primer, designed for Christians and general readers interested in the traditions of baptism.

The basis of the Baptist faith is Biblical; the notion that one can be baptized of one’s sins in water as a symbolic and actual entrance to the Christian faith dates to the New Testament. The baptism of Jesus, as undertaken by John the Baptist, is a pivotal event mentioned in the Four Gospels, with the Book of John describing the occasion in the greatest detail.

What baptism accomplishes is the topic occupying the core of this text; the declaration of the baptized person’s faith, their repentance of past sins, the regeneration of the soul to Christian virtue, and God’s justification – all are conferred upon the believer. The multi-faceted importance of baptism as a ceremonial occurrence is discussed, and the reader will conclude this work enlightened as to why baptizing is central to the Christian creed.

Later in this text, we discover more about the Baptist church, its organization and functions in relation to the beliefs detailed. The social and educational responsibilities of the church are examined. Furthermore, the author reveals the symbolic importance of baptism in events such as Christ’s resurrection, and His second coming.

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  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: E. Y. Mullins
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