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The Duty of Self-Denial

The Duty of Self-Denial
The Duty of Self-Denial

This book includes eight chapters on self-denial, based on Luke 9:23, and ten additional sermons, seven of which have not been reprinted since the seventeenth century. Watson teaches that 'self-denial is the first principle of Christianity.' He describes what self-denial is, then demonstrates the Christ-asserting nature of every self-denying act. The additional sermons in this volume are also valuable, particularly those on God as the reward of His people (Gen. 15:1), 'kissing' the Son (Ps. 2:12), the comforting rod (Ps. 23:4), and the Judgment Day (Acts 17:31).

The Duty of Self-Denial was first published in 1675. Seven of the ten other sermons were taken from Sermons on Several Subjects Preached by Mr. Thomas Watson (London, 1689). Grateful acknowledgement is given to the Evangelical Library in London for the loan of this book. The remaining three sermons were taken from the six-volume set, The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate (London: James Nichols, 1844).

By Thomas Watson

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