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The Providence of God

The Providence of God
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The Providence of God

Why does God permit the Devil to run loose? Why does He permit the apparent victory of evil and all forms of wrong? Why does He permit His people to suffer injustice and oppression if He has the power to help and save them? Infidels say to Christians: “How can you dare to claim that God is Almighty and loves without limits when He permits such calamities and captivities to be upon His people? Don’t you know that every disaster and bereavement denies this to be so!”

The truth is that an all-wise God is working in our behalf in ways which are mysterious to us during our life on earth. Our whole course is so guided and arranged by an unseen, but not an unfelt hand, that, like a blind man, we are led by another who is stronger than we. If we consider our finiteness and His infinity, our ignorance and His omniscience, we must confess this must be so. How can we be otherwise than “blind” to the logic and long purposes of Him Who declared “the end from the beginning, and from ancient time the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure” (Isa. 46:10). Oh, may we trust God and cease to wonder at the mysteries, which attend His moral government over the world.

Author: Milburn R. Cockrell
Publisher: Berea Baptist Church
Year: 2004
ISBN 13: 9781932879032
Number of Pages: 48
Format: Paperback

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