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Ruth: A Story of God's Grace

Ruth: A Story of God's Grace
Ruth: A Story of God's Grace

"There is nothing but God's grace. We walk upon it; we breathe it; we live and die by it; it makes the nails and axles of the universe," concluded Robert Louis Stevenson.

In 'Ruth: A Story of God's Grace,' Cyril J. Barber trumpets God's grace. Grace leads Elimelech to Moab, brings Naomi back to Bethlehem, guides Ruth to Boaz's field, and directs Boaz to Ruth. "Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace" encircles the Book of Ruth.

From the gracious acts of God Ruth's time, the author draws lessons for twentieth-century believers. He fathoms the importance of decision-making, the purpose of suffering, and the power of love.

But the author does more than expound truths; he helps the reader understand the Bible text by explaining customs and word meanings. He also intersperses his own translation of Ruth throughout his commentary.

Writing for the Bible student rather than the Bible scholar, Barber summarizes the Book of Ruth in a concise introduction, places all technical discussions and notes at the back, and provides two helpful indexes.


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