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The Golden Age

The Golden Age
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The Golden Age

The Millennium, or Kingdom Age, is that era in the future history of the world when the Lord Jesus shall receive from God the rule and government of the earth. This era is to last one thousand years. No less than six times in the first seven verses of Revelation 20 we find this expression "the thousand years." They are, of course, to be understood literally, as defining the duration of Christ's earthly reign. While it is true that Revelation 20 is the only Scripture which specifically mentions the thousand years, yet there are many passages, both in the Old and New Testaments, that set forth the character and describe the blessings of the Age to come. In fact so numerous are the Scriptures which treat of and bear upon the Coming Age that our chief difficulty is to classify them. It would seem that there are more passages dealing, directly and indirectly, with the next Dispensation than with any other separate subject or period treated of in God's Word.

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Authors: Arthur W. Pink & Luther C. Peak
Publisher: Berea Baptist Church
Year: 2019
ISBN 13: 9781932879308
Number of Pages: 87
Format: Paperback

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