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George Whitefield Sermons

George Whitefield Sermons
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George Whitefield Sermons

"The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was that he just spoke of men, things, and doctrines, in the way that the Bible speaks of them. God, Christ, and the Spirit, sin, justification, conversion, and sanctification, impenitent sinners the most miserable of people, believing saints the most privileged of people, the world a vain and empty thing, heaven the only rest for an immortal soul, the devil a tremendous and ever-watchful foe, holiness the only true happiness, hell a real and certain portion for the unconverted; these were the kind of things which filled Whitefield's mind, and formed the staple of his ministry."

"First and foremost you must remember, Whitefield preached a singularly pure gospel. Few men ever gave their hearers so much wheat and so little chaff. He did not get into his pulpit to talk about his party, his cause, his interest, or his office. He was perpetually telling you about your sins, your heart, and Jesus Christ, in the way that the Bible speaks of them. 'Oh, the righteousness of Jesus Christ!' he would frequently say."

"Here is a man who starts in life under many disadvantages. He has neither family, nor place, nor money, nor high connections on his side. His views are flatly opposed to the customs and prejudices ofhis time. He stands in direct opposition to the stream of public taste, and the religion of the vast bulk of ministers around him. He is as much isolated and alone, to all appearance, as Martin Luther opposing the Pope, as Athanasius resisting the Arians, as Paul on Mars' Hill. And yet this man stands his ground. He arrests public attention. He gathers crowds around him who receive his teaching. He is made a blessing to tens of thousands. He turns the world upside down. How striking these facts are!" J. C. Ryle

Author: George Whitefield
Publisher: Pietan Publications
Year: 2008
Number of Pages: 1379 (4 volume set)
Format: paperback

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