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Sacerdotalism and the Baptists

Sacerdotalism and the Baptists
Sacerdotalism and the Baptists

Until recent times the author never believed that any people who called themselves Baptists would embrace sacerdotalism. No people have ever more bravely stood against the curse of priestcraft than our Baptist forefathers. But he lived to see some brethren invent and preach a moderate form of sacerdotalism. “Sacerdotal” means “relating to priests or a priesthood.” “Sacerdotalism” is the “religious belief emphasizing the powers of priests as essential mediators between God and man.” Modern New Lighters conceive of the Baptist church being God’s priests on earth. To them there are no spiritual blessings or rewards outside of this anointed priesthood.

Some of these same brethren, having already confused no small number of our preachers on prophesy, are now compassing sea and land to confuse the brotherhood on the local church. They would replace the old Landmark position with an anointed priesthood which confers all spiritual blessings. Some in this crowd have taken it upon themselves to be a council of presiding bishops who alone has the authority to determine the doctrines taught in the Bible. All other preachers are limited in their understanding and must pay attention to them.

Author: Milburn R. Cockrell

Binding: Paperback

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