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Daily Remembrancer Evening Visit

Daily Remembrancer Evening Visit
Daily Remembrancer Evening Visit

    From the author: "The first part of this little work, was written expressly for the members of my own flock. Nor did I once anticipate, that it would find such favour in the eyes of the Lord's people generally, or obtain so large a circulation as it has. Many and most gratifying, are the testimonies I have received of its usefulness; and often have I been requested to write a second part, for the evening of the day. But having a natural dislike to writing, and much work of another kind on my hands, I have for a long time, refused to gratify my friends in this particular. But at length, finding that the work continues to grow in the estimation of the public, there being now about thirty thousand copies in circulation, while the demand for it increases, rather than diminishes, I have consented to write a second volume to correspond with the first.
    The plan is the same, and so is the design. The same views of truth also, which are found in the first part, will be found in this; for the author has seen no reason to change his mind, in reference to any of the great and glorious doctrines of the gospel, since writing that. We want nothing new in divinity, the old is better. We only want the power and unction of the Holy Spirit, to bring home the truth with energy and savour to our souls. We want more of Christ, and less of self. May the Lord, who has so graciously made use of the former volume for the good of his people, and the glory of his name, make use of this also."

Author: James Smith
Publisher: Sprinkle Publications
Year: 2018
ISBN 13:

Number of Pages: 383
Format: Hardback

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