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Footsteps of the Flock

Footsteps of the Flock
Footsteps of the Flock

Does Christ have the ability to perpetuate His church? To contest this is to deny the Deity of Christ. If He could not do what He wanted to do, then He was not God. Since Jesus Christ is Divine and has all power in Heaven and on earth, the continuity of His church is assured to all Bible believers.

Church succession, like all other doctrines, stands or falls upon the teachings of the Scriptures. The succession of Baptist churches is not so much an historical question as it is a Biblical one. Apart from any historical evidence, there is ample proof of church succession in the Bible.

Author: Milburn R. Cockrell
Publisher: Berea Baptist Church
Year: 2008
ISBN 13:9781932879209
Number of Pages: 61
Format: Paperback

Location: M6

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