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Atlas of the Bible and Christianity

Atlas of the Bible and Christianity
Atlas of the Bible and Christianity

Atlas of the Bible and Christianity is a wonderfully comprehensive history of Christianity as told through 160 color maps representing Christianity from its early origins to the modern day. Produced by the Hardlines Cartographic Company of Oxford, the maps in Baker's Atlas are the computer-generated results of years of intensive research. Divided into four major sections-Old Testament Period, New Testament Period, The Early Church, The Modern Church-the maps depict a wide range of events and processes in the history of Christianity, including the journeys of Old Testament characters, the travels of Jesus and Paul, the invasions of the Barbarians, the birth of Islam, the expulsion of the Jews, and Christian missions and movements around the modern world. Each map is accompanied by a brief explanatory text as well as color photographs of cultural artifacts and historical sites. Baker's Atlas does an especially excellent job in representing the plurality of schisms and sects that appeared and disappeared in the history of Christianity. Lesser known events and historic phenomena, such as the economy of Palestine in 10 BCE, the development of monasticism, the spread of Christianity into Russia, and the condemnation of the Waldensians are also explained and depicted. A useful tool for high school and college students in Bible courses, Atlas of the Bible and Christianity will be welcomed by all students, scholars, and historians of The Bible.

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