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Keach's Catechism

Keach's Catechism
Keach's Catechism

In the year 1677, a Confession of Faith was published by the Baptists, in London and vicinity. This Confession of Faith was reprinted in the year 1689, having been approved and recommended by the Ministers and Messengers of above an hundred congregations in England and Wales—signed by Hanserd Knollys, William Kiffin, Benjamin Keach, and others. The present Catechism was prepared by Benjamin Keach, agreeably to this Confession of Faith, with the following Preface: TO THE READER. Having a desire to show our near Agreement with many other Christians, of whom we have great esteem; we some years since put forth a Confession of our Faith, almost in all points the same with that of the Assembly and Savoy, which was subscribed by the Elders and Messengers of many Churches, baptised on profession of their faith: and do now put forth a short account of Christian principles, for the instruction of our families, in most things agreeing with the shorter Catechism of the Assembly. And this we were the rather induced to, because we have commonly made use of that Catechism in our families, and the difference being not much, it will be more easily committed to memory. As occasional variations have occurred in the numerous editions which have been printed, this edition follows with few exceptions, the one published in London, under the superintendence of Rev. John Rippon, in the year 1794.

Author: Benjamin Keach

Binding: Paperback Booklet

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