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A purple, large sized, single pocketed, two pen looped, zipper pull engraved, amazing grace embossed Bible cover...
"The Lord has promised good to me, His word my hope secures; He will my shield and my portion be, as long as life endures." stands imprinted on the cover of this classy case. It has a bold handle on the side, and is the man's equivalent to the Purse Bible (which can also be found on our site for you..
The perfect case for a new believer! This Bible case has an open back pocket, an engraved zipper, and plenty of room for the average sized Word of God inside!..
Sturdy Handle! Magnetic Closing Front Pocket!Nifty Back Pocket! This regular sized case can hold all kinds of accessories on the outside and keep your Sword of the Lord safe on the inside...
Deluxe organizer Bible cover offers space for all your Bible cover essentials, and Bible study tools. Durable, lined case with sturdy spine handle features two separate compartments, each with wrap-around zipper closure. One side is designed to hold your Bible, and the other includes space for pens ..
This brown leather case is a perfect classic cover for your regular sized Bible. It has a front zipper pocket and inside pen loops for you to maximize on storing for sermon notes. It has a very worn cowboy look to it, which could also just be considered a simpler taste at a Bible case...
This Extremely Large, Extremely Black Case is great for holding your largest Bible, or your regular sized one with tons of sermon notes! You could even fit the sermon notes in if they included every sermon rabbit trail! It has one single outside pocket for accessories, and a sturdy handle on the sid..
This Bible Cover is Extra Big! And Extra Red! This case is made to hold any Bible in your collection! It's also great for storing accessories such as sermon notes or pens inside!..
A grey, large sized, canvas grey, outside single pocketed Bible case...
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