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Mary grows up sheltered and secure in a beautiful cottage with a loving father. She learns lessons about humility, purity and forgiveness under her father's watchful gaze.However, it doesn't last. Even though she loves God and obeys him this does not protect her ultimately from the envy and ..
Filled with puzzles, scrambled words, dot-to-dot pictures, patterns for mobiles, cartoons, and more, this activity book was especially created as a companion for the popular books starring Bombus, the bumble bee.Author: Elsie LarsonBinding: PaperbackLocation: L5..
A history book that you can trust. Taken from the original documents, the text and illustrations have been thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy.While particularly good for home schools and Christian schools, this valuable resource is also excellent for parents of public school children to use as..
Throughout this nation's history, many of its greatest leaders believed that America's future was inextricably linked to America's faith in God. This mighty nation, now known as The United States of America, was born from the dream of people who envisioned a sovereign state where people could be fre..
Sequel to BOMBUS The Bumblebee.A delightfully hopeful tale for anyone who needs a friend.Author: Elsie LarsonBinding: HardcoverLocation: L5..
An encouraging story celebrating the diversity of God's beautiful creation.Author: Elsie LarsonBinding: HardcoverLocation: L5..
Childhood's Years
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A collection of heart-warming gospel stories - featuring The Bible in the Wall.The bombs were falling in the city of London. Families all over the city sought safety from the blasts and shrapnel in cold damp shelters – frightened for their lives. But one little boy asked his mother a question ..
Known as "the lady with the lamp," she worked at nursing the wounded and comforting the ill.Author: David R. CollinsBinding: PaperbackLocation: K2..
This courageous Christian penned "The Star Spangled Banner."Author: David CollinsBinding: PaperbackLocation: K2..
Teach your kids about one of the greatest Christian leaders of these blessed United States, George Washington Carver! It’s more important than ever for young people to be in touch with the Christian roots of this country and its greatest leaders. George Washington Carver was an American scienti..
Whether gaping at the huge chasm in the earth from the rim, or navigating the waters of the Colorado River below, visitors to the Grand Canyon see a perspective that words can’t describe. In fact, perspective is the backdrop for this wonderful story from nature. Visit this marvelous site you..
This is a unique history book--one you can trust. It is "a must" for each and every admirer of America's authentic Christian history, the latter having been literally removed from modern-day textbooks and history books. Taken from original documents, the text and illustrations of this book have been..
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