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Collected Writing

Since the publication of his first volumes early in the nineteenth century, the works of renowned German pastor, Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher (1796-1868), have touched the hearts of readers around the globe. Most of his major works have remained in print through the years. However, many of his lesse..
Changes for the Better consists of twenty chapters, sketches from Puritan times--especially Elizabeth's reign--each chapter being almost an entity in itself.The great point of the book is its interest. It does not need to be made interesting; the stories grip you. The book abounds with anecdotes, bu..
Because GOD has been pleased to set His seal of approval upon these simple gospel messages by using them in the awakening and salvation of sinners, they can be found here, in book form, in the earnest hope that many who read them may find joy and peace in believing! First published in 1931, Pa..
All seventeen chapters focus on the crucial importance of Jesus. The sermons of Horatius Bonar are classics of pulpit eloquence--and they are solidly Scriptural, warmly evangelical, and eminently practical. Direct and compelling, they evidence the spirit and quality that enabled this masterful preac..
The sermons of J. C. Philpot have been appreciated by the Lord's people throughout the English-speaking world and beyond for well over 150 years. This volume collects together for the first time another aspect of Philpot's ministry - that of his Expositions of Scripture.Distinct from his sermon, it ..
George Whitefield Sermons
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"The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was that he just spoke of men, things, and doctrines, in the way that the Bible speaks of them. God, Christ, and the Spirit, sin, justification, conversion, and sanctification, impenitent sinners the most miserable of people, believing saints..
Jewels From John Newton
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John Newton (1725 1807) was a trophy of God's grace. His transformation from a blasphemous slave trader to a much loved minister of the gospel is a testimony to the powerful, life-changing grace of God in Jesus Christ. His hymns, letters, and other writings have been a source of strength and..
Few men's writings left the impact on the 20th century church as those from the pen of Arthur W. Pink. Yet the influence of his writings came largely after his death.Anyone familiar with Pink's life knows that he struggled constantly concerning the will of God for his life. Should he pastor? Should ..
In this collection of Spurgeon's letters the private man is made public in a way that confirms the reality of his Christian profession and proclamation.Author: Charles SpurgeonBinding: PaperbackLocation: L5..
 These letters will ever be precious to all who are sensible of their own, and the Church's decay and corruptions--The wound and the cure are therein so fully opened out: self is exposed, specially spiritual self. He will tell you, 'There is as much need to watch over grace, as to watch over si..
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