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George Whitefield Sermons -31%

George Whitefield Sermons

"The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was that he just spoke of men, things, and doctr..

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Rosco Brong's Sunday School Commentary -20%

Rosco Brong's Sunday School Commentary

Rosco Brong served as Dean of Lexington Baptist College for 25 years and was in the ministry of te..

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Rosco Brong’s Short Sermons -20%

Rosco Brong’s Short Sermons

The complete indexed collection of  Rosco Brong's short sermons.Author: Rosco BrongPublisher: R..

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Works of Andrew Fuller -20%

Works of Andrew Fuller

This Baptist minister and theologian was a truly outstanding man and one of the most attractive pers..

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Works Of John Bunyan -20%

Works Of John Bunyan

John Bunyan is best known for his famous allegorical works. He was prepared to suffer the hardship o..

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