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A Dangerous Grace by Charles ColsonA Dangerous Grace, Charles Colson's first collection of daily readings presents him at his best--offering fresh perspectives from one of America's most respected Christian voices. It represents classic Colson, combining favorite excerpts from his best-selling..
Life of God in the Soul of Man
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Henry Scougal died in 1657 at the age of 27 but by then he was already Professor of Divinity at Aberdeen University. This timeless classic was originally written to encourage a friend and stimulate his spiritual life. It was so appreciated that it was later published as a book for a wider readership..
Life of Victory
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Alan Redpath (1907 - 1989) was well known as a Bible teacher and preacher. He ministered around the world but particularly in the congregations at Duke Street, Richmond, Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh and Moody Church, Chicago. Upon his premature retirement from the pastorate, due to ill health, he com..
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Living Through the Storm
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Paul was not the only antagonist who became not only a believer but, an active servant of our Lord.  James, the son of Alphaeus, according to Gill, is a half brother of our Lord and brother of Judas.  This Judas was not the same as the one that betrayed Jesus but also a half brother of..
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One Day At A Time
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That’s the way you have to live life – one day at a time. But it is how you live each day that makes all the difference. One way to ensure that our days on earth count for God is to fill our minds and hearts with the “engrafted Word” that we might grow by it. For this reason we take pleasure in issu..
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    From the author: "The first part of this little work, was written expressly for the members of my own flock. Nor did I once anticipate, that it would find such favour in the eyes of the Lord's people generally, or obtain so large a circulation as it has. Many and most gratify..
From the author: "The present humble work is a Pastoral effort, flowing from love to the Lord's people, and a desire to honour His great name. It is an acknowledged fact, that many of the Lord's people are living far below their privileges; and are walking as men, not aiming simply at the Lord's glo..
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