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Perhaps no one passage of Scripture has suffered more at the hands of expositors than Matthew Chapter 24. Amillennialists generally insist upon a figurative interpretation of the passage, or claim that almost every event described transpired in AD 70.Postmillennialists have a very serious pr..
In this book the writer has as his grand object the presentation of truth concerning the local church bride of Christ. Nevertheless, this is almost an impossible task, for many who read this book have been taught against the truth and told it is worst of all heresies. If there is prejudice a..
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MARANATHA: OUR LORD, COME! By Renald ShowersA Definitive Study of the Rapture of the ChurchThis book is an in-depth study of matters related to the Rapture of the church. It addresses such issues as the birth-pang concept in the Bible and ancient Judaism, the biblical concept of the Day of the Lo..
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