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These sermon sketches present a wealth of ideas and valuable guidance in the preparation of sermons for the pastor or teacher.Author: Jabez BurnsPublisher: KregelYear: 1987ISBN 13: 9780825422669Number of Pages: 224Format: Paperback..
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Warren Wiersbe has assembled twelve classic sermons on angels tha explain key biblical teachings concerning the purpose and ministry of angels in today's world. Learn the true nature of angels and what constitutes their work in heaven and on earth.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: Kreg..
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Warren Wiersbe has compiled meaningful sermons from the church's great preachers in this topical series. Filled with illustrative materials for pastors. Also an excellent resource for personal devotions.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440755Number of P..
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Devoted disciple, cowering coward, and powerful proclaimer of the resurrected Christ-all describe the same person-Simon Peter.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825439988Number of Pages: 156Format: Paperback..
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Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440380Number of Pages: 158Format: Paperback..
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Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440441Number of Pages: 160Format: Paperback..
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Lessons on Holiness from the Sermon on the MountIn a day when modern society worships tolerance and conformity, Dr. Pentecost shows how the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 calls us to a higher standard of living--God's.Author: J. Dwight PentecostPublisher: KregelYear: 1999ISBN 13: 9780825434570Nu..
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Author: Friedrich W. KrummacherPublisher: Pietan PublicationsYear: 1976Number of Pages: 251Format: paperback..
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In this book Dr. Andrew Jukes squarely faces and effectively deals with the problem of the differences which characterize the four Gospels. Viewing these differences as what one might expect when four different eyewitnesses testify concerning an event, Jukes goes on to demonstrate that they are furt..
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Author: William HuntingtonPublisher: Old Paths Gospel PressYear: ISBN 13: Number of Pages: 183Format: Paperback..
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Simple Sermons for Funeral Services helps pastors give comfort to the bereaved and glory to God at a funeral for a Christian man, a Christian woman, an unsaved person, an elderly Christian, a baby or small child, or someone who faced a tragic death.Author: W. Herschel FordPublisher: BakerYear: 2001I..
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Simple Sermons for Special Days and Occasions offers refreshing messages for 4th of July, etc.Author: W. Herschel FordPublisher: BakerYear: 2001ISBN 13: 9780801091216Number of Pages: 75Format: Paperback..
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