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Behind the Scenes: Sketches from Real Life
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This book has been the means of convincing a large number of pedobaptists of the validity of the Baptist position of immersion as the proper mode of baptism, and not that of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism.Author: F. M. IamsPublisher: Baptist BookshelfYear: 1994Number of Pages: 223Format: ..
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Commentary on Acts
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An exhaustive and carefully expounded, verse-by-verse commentary, this work is prefaced by an informative and concise time-line chart to show the reader at a glance the chronology of events recorded in this important and pivotal New Testament book. This book was first published in 1882.Autho..
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Commentary on John
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Whitelaw examines such rich themes as the Fatherhood of God, the character of the Son and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in these pages. This will allow the reader to study with both scholarly and devotional depth of the ’’Gospel of the Son of God.’’ Whitelaw’s commentary offers not only ..
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George Whitefield Sermons
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SPECIAL when you buy this set we will add the book Memoirs of George Whitefield by John Gillies free (while supply last)."The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was that he just spoke of men, things, and doctrines, in the way that the Bible speaks of them. God, Christ, and the Spirit, ..
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