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Bible Studies

This exceptional volume contains a choice collection of writings from 19th century German pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher. These writings abound with sound exposition and rich word pictures and are abundantly sprinkled with a wide range of Scriptural quotations. Krurnmacher's passionate eloquenc..
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In this series of sermons Elder Cockrell looks at six different Bible Characters. Much truth can be gleaned from these different people: Thomas, the doubter;John, the beloved disciple; Peter, an impulsive man; Judas, the avaricious man; Stephen, the myrtyred deacon; Paul, the great apostle a..
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In All the 2s of the Bible, scholar Herbert Lockyer conducts a fascinating study of the ways in which the writers of Scripture combined both contradictory and complimentary concepts in communicating biblical truth, often in the same verse. Too often, one of these double truths is dealt with to the e..
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A Wealth of Scriptural Symbolism and Truth in the Number 3The three-in-one nature of the Trinity...The three features of the priesthood...The three harvest fruits...The three glorious appearances...The three gifts of the Magi...The three tenses of salvation...The three crosses...The three phases of ..
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Christ and His People is "commencing with elementary instruction in the fundamental doctrines of religion, and exhibiting Christianity in its present state and future prospects, as well as the characteristic features of the true believer in Christ, and the fatal consequences of rejecting Him as the ..
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Suffering is an age-old question that has puzzled the people of God since time began. After all, if our God is both a loving and an all-powerful being, why does He allow such pain and suffering in the world?At the age of eighty-two, legendary Bible scholar Dr. Herbert Lockyer took on this question. ..
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Letters written by Mr Philpot to a minister in Scotland concerning the relationship of the believer to the law.Author: J. C. PhilpotPublisher: Gospel Missions-Huntingtonian PressYear: 2000Number of Pages: 44Format: Paperback..
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Lessons on Holiness from the Sermon on the MountIn a day when modern society worships tolerance and conformity, Dr. Pentecost shows how the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 calls us to a higher standard of living--God's.Author: J. Dwight PentecostPublisher: KregelYear: 1999ISBN 13: 9780825434570Nu..
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Arthur Pink declares, ''Christianity is the religion of a Book. Christianity is based upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture.., Upon the foundation of the Divine inspiration of the Bible stands or falls the entire edifice of Christian truth. `If the foundations be destroyed, what can th..
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(Foreword by G. H. Lang) A study of Genesis 1 to 6, plus an extended discussion of Eastern religions and the occult. Author: G. H. PemberPublisher: KregelYear: 1975ISBN 13: 9780825435331Number of Pages: 336Format: Paperback..
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In this book Dr. Andrew Jukes squarely faces and effectively deals with the problem of the differences which characterize the four Gospels. Viewing these differences as what one might expect when four different eyewitnesses testify concerning an event, Jukes goes on to demonstrate that they are furt..
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There are three predominate gardens in the Bible. The Garden of Eden, The Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden of New Jerusalem. In this book Elder Cockrell takes a look at each one and offers us many spiritual gleanings, including how the plan of salvation can be seen through each.Author: Mi..
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