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This book has been the means of convincing a large number of pedobaptists of the validity of the Baptist position of immersion as the proper mode of baptism, and not that of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism.Author: F. M. IamsPublisher: Baptist BookshelfYear: 1994Number of Pages: 223Format: ..
Feminism Woman and Her Work
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This re-appraisement of Scripture teaching upon the position of women in Christian churches is most timely. Dr. Porter edited and partly wrote this volume with additions from other authors. The teaching of the scriptures do define and limit the position of women, both in regard to their general plac..
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Missions, Missionaries, & The Great Commission
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A series of sermons dealing with how to start missions, the job of the missionary, and a look at The Great Commission.Author: Milburn R. CockrellPublisher: Berea Baptist ChurchYear: 2011ISBN 13: 9781932879254Number of Pages: 96Format: Paperback..
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Prerequisites To Communion
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In this series of sermons Author: Albert N. ArnoldPublisher: Baptist BookshelfYear: 1999Number of Pages: 121Format: Paperback..
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A defense of real, local churches; a denial of a foggy, universal churchPublisher ‏ : ‎ Bogard Press ..
Author: Tom RossPublisher: Bryan Station Baptist ChurchYear: 1995ISBN 13: Number of Pages: 43Format: Paperback..
Scriptural Church Organization
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We live in a time when many Baptist churches are in a state of apostasy. Never has there been a time when Baptist are so ignorant of their own heritage. It is difficult to find a Baptist Successionist. Most brethern hold to Anabaptist Kinship theory of Baptist Beginning, and some have even e..
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The Church That Jesus Built
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If Jesus started His church while here on this earth, where is the church today? This book, written in 1923, cuts through a cloud of confusion to clarify the connection between Christ's ministry and the local churches of today. A great book for someone searching for a Biblical and historical..
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Here is another helpful volume by S.E. Anderson calling readers back to the New Testament pattern of church life.  The church life of "The First Church" remains the incomparable pattern. Publisher: The Challenge Press..
The Tithe is the Lord's
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No one will ever concede that tithing is scriptural unless he realizes the great truth of God's ownership of all things. The Bible reveals that He alone is the absolute Proprietor of all things.Author: Milburn R. CockrellPublisher: Berea Baptist ChurchYear: 2000ISBN 13: Number of Pages: 16Format..
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The Veiled Woman
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Among the Lord’s people there is much debate, and, in some cases, much discord as to whether or not a Christian woman should wear a hat or a head covering in public worship. This contention centers around I Corinthians 11:1-16. Some say the covering commanded in these verses for a woman is h..
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Vindication of the Baptists
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Long before they were known as landmarkers, those Baptists who held to a strict view of church ordinances, suffered various epithets from their opponents. In this book the author gives an able defense of the old landmark of closed communion.Author: Abraham BoothPublisher: Baptist BookshelfYear: 1982..
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