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Baptist History

Footsteps of the Flock
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Does Christ have the ability to perpetuate His church? To contest this is to deny the Deity of Christ. If He could not do what He wanted to do, then He was not God. Since Jesus Christ is Divine and has all power in Heaven and on earth, the continuity of His church is assured to all Bible bel..
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A look at a man who turned Baptist life around in his day. This is the only real biography of this great man remaining.Author: O. L. HaileyPublisher: Bogard PressYear: 1929ISBN 13: 9780892112388Number of Pages: 119Format: Paperback..
This book is a collection of five lectures the author gave on the history of Baptist churches, which he presented as a succession from the first Christians. Author: J. M. CarrollPublisher: Bryan Station Baptist ChurchYear: 2007ISBN 13: Number of Pages: 78 plus chartFormat: Paperback..
Three Witnesses for the Baptists
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We live in a time when many Baptist churches are in a state of apostasy. Never has there been a time when Baptist are so ignorant of their own heritage. It is difficult to find a Baptist Successionist. Most brethern hold to Anabaptist Kinship theory of Baptist Beginning, and some have even e..
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