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Backsliding Baptists -20 %

Backsliding Baptists

The word “backsliding” occurs 16 times in the Old Testament and “backslider” only once. The word l..

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Christ, Christians, and Christmas -20 %

Christ, Christians, and Christmas

A look at the holiday of Christmas from the Bible.Author: Milburn R. CockrellPublisher: Berea Baptis..

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Death and the Hereafter -20 %

Death and the Hereafter

The topic of death and the hereafter are of great concern to all sensible and spiritual people. Di..

$6.95 $5.56
Life of Faith -20 %

Life of Faith

What is the purpose of our lives? God's design is that he might be glorified and that those he ha..

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Mission of Sorrow -20 %

Mission of Sorrow

This author has written one of the most complete books ever written on the subject of sorrow. Some ..

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Spiritual Growth -20 %

Spiritual Growth

You never have to tell a child to grow any more than you would tell a plant to grow. But Paul does..

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The Dangers of Sin -20 %

The Dangers of Sin

In this book, the author discusses some of the dangers that can be associated with an indulgence i..

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The Fear of God -20 %

The Fear of God

Generally, in Scripture there is clearly distinguished two different kinds of fear. There is “godl..

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True Christianity -20 %

True Christianity

A Treatise on sincere repentance, true faith, the holy walk of the true Christian.Author: John A..

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