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Advice for Seekers
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Before a man becomes a Christian he has many false ideas about God’s way of salvation. These errors frequently prevent seekers coming to Jesus Christ and trusting him wholly.In Advice for Seekers C. H. Spurgeon deals with these problems one by one. Before his own conversion he found many difficultie..
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Author: Tom RossPublisher: Bryan Station Baptist ChurchYear: 2017ISBN 13: Number of Pages: 33Format: Paperback..
Backsliding Baptists
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The word “backsliding” occurs 16 times in the Old Testament and “backslider” only once. The word literally means to go back or away from. It is to turn the back to God. Of Israel God complained of old: “And they have turned unto me the back, and not the face” (Jer. 32:33). For a person to ba..
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Christ, Christians, and Christmas
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A look at the holiday of Christmas from the Bible.Author: Milburn R. CockrellPublisher: Berea Baptist ChurchYear: 2007ISBN 13: 9781932879186Number of Pages: 43Format: Paperback..
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Complete John Ploughman
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C. H. Spurgeon was one of the most widely published ministers of the Victorian era. Sales of his books run into many millions. He had a gift for speaking the language of the man-in-the street and presenting Christian truth in a way that captured the imagination. Two of his publications of this type ..
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Death and the Hereafter
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The topic of death and the hereafter are of great concern to all sensible and spiritual people. Die we all must, unless we be privileged to be among those living saints who shall be translated when the Lord returns. What is life like after death in the case of the righteous? This book seeks ..
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Family Religion
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Matthew Henry is one of the best known of our spiritual ancestors. His Commentary on the whole Bible is still a staple book for those seeking understanding of God's word to the world. Henry recognised that the future of the church was in the home where the Holy Spirit could direct and mature believe..
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Flowers From a Puritan’s Garden
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Do you ever underline helpful passages in books you are reading? This is exactly what C. H. Spurgeon used to do when reading the Puritans. Whilst reading Thomas Manton, he was struck time and time again by the ‘solid, sensible instruction, forcibly delivered’ that he found there.To Manton’s ..
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Life of Faith
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What is the purpose of our lives? God's design is that he might be glorified and that those he has chosen might be saved to have abundant life. The life of faith is lived in the light of this truth: so that Christians must remember lack of growth brings God no honour, prayerlessness gives n..
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Mission of Sorrow
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This author has written one of the most complete books ever written on the subject of sorrow. Some of the chapters include: Sorrow God's Witness, Sorrow Deserved, Submission Under Sorrow, Sorrow Distrubs Idolatrous Attachments, Sorrow The Friend of Christian Graces, Sorrow Taking Lessons from..
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Spiritual Growth
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You never have to tell a child to grow any more than you would tell a plant to grow. But Paul does tell Christian men and women to grow, and he commends them when they grow. Why? Because believers are not plants, but men and women with wills that can either further or hinder their spiritual ..
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The Crook in the Lot
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Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was a remarkable Scottish theologian and pastor. His Works run to 12 volumes and contain some lengthy theological treatises. But Boston also wrote brief, very accessible, and pastoral books, and chief among these is the quaintly titled, The Crook in the Lot: The Sovereignty..
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