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151 Sermon Outlines
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These sermon sketches present a wealth of ideas and valuable guidance in the preparation of sermons for the pastor or teacher.Author: Jabez BurnsPublisher: KregelYear: 1987ISBN 13: 9780825422669Number of Pages: 224Format: Paperback..
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Brotherly Union
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A new compilation of hard-to-find sermons, lectures and addresses.Author: Friedrich W. KrummacherPublisher: Pietan PublicationsYear: 2006Number of Pages: 238Format: Paperback..
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Classic Sermons - Angels
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Warren Wiersbe has assembled twelve classic sermons on angels tha explain key biblical teachings concerning the purpose and ministry of angels in today's world. Learn the true nature of angels and what constitutes their work in heaven and on earth.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: Kreg..
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Classic Sermons - Apostle Paul
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Warren Wiersbe has compiled meaningful sermons from the church's great preachers in this topical series. Filled with illustrative materials for pastors. Also an excellent resource for personal devotions.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440755Number of P..
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Classic Sermons - Apostle Peter
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Devoted disciple, cowering coward, and powerful proclaimer of the resurrected Christ-all describe the same person-Simon Peter.Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825439988Number of Pages: 156Format: Paperback..
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Classic Sermons - Attributes of God
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Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440380Number of Pages: 158Format: Paperback..
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Classic Sermons - Birth of Christ
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Author: Compiled by Warren W. WiersbePublisher: KregelYear: 1998ISBN 13: 9780825440441Number of Pages: 160Format: Paperback..
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Covenant of Grace
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50 years ago Allan Harman was given a small, well-worn book of handwritten sermon notes. They were Matthew Henry's own notes, from sermons preached to his Chester congregation in 1691/2. These previously unpublished sermons of Matthew Henry's are a revealing and deeply spiritual work on the ..
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Expositions of Holy Scripture
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The sermons of J.C. Philpot have been appreciated by the Lord’s people throughout the English-speaking world and beyond for well over 150 years. This volume collects together for the first time another aspect of Philpot’s ministry – that of his Expositions of Scripture. Distinct from his serm..
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Gems of F. W. Krummacher
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The “gems” of F. W. Krummacher were mined from the rich reserves of his published sermons and other works. They reflect not only his eloquence and orthodox theology; they reflect a keen insight into the human condition and what it means to live as a child of God in times, both of trouble, an..
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George Whitefield Sermons
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SPECIAL when you buy this set we will add the book Memoirs of George Whitefield by John Gillies free (while supply last)."The crowning excellence of Whitefield's teaching was that he just spoke of men, things, and doctrines, in the way that the Bible speaks of them. God, Christ, and the Spirit, ..
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Rosco Brong’s Short Sermons
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The complete indexed collection of  Rosco Brong's short sermons.Author: Rosco BrongPublisher: Richmond Road Baptist ChurchYear: 2011Number of Pages: 555Format: Spiral bound..
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