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Brotherly Union -20 %

Brotherly Union

A new compilation of hard-to-find sermons, lectures and addresses.Author: Friedrich W. Krumm..

$13.00 $10.40
Expositions of Holy Scripture New -11 %

Expositions of Holy Scripture

The sermons of J.C. Philpot have been appreciated by the Lord’s people throughout the English-spea..

$22.42 $20.00
Gems of F. W. Krummacher -20 %

Gems of F. W. Krummacher

The “gems” of F. W. Krummacher were mined from the rich reserves of his published sermons and othe..

$6.00 $4.80
Rosco Brong’s Short Sermons -20 %

Rosco Brong’s Short Sermons

The complete indexed collection of  Rosco Brong's short sermons.Author: Rosco BrongPublisher: R..

$35.00 $28.00
Salvation - Sermons to Sinners -20 %

Salvation - Sermons to Sinners

Christ is the only way to Heaven. While on earth, He said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life:..

$6.95 $5.56
Spiritual Growth -20 %

Spiritual Growth

You never have to tell a child to grow any more than you would tell a plant to grow. But Paul does..

$3.95 $3.16
The Christian's Hope -20 %

The Christian's Hope

This volume is a collection of sermons on various subjects by one who was known to be "mighty in t..

$11.00 $8.80
The Compassion of Jesus -20 %

The Compassion of Jesus

Saphir's sermons are filled with Jesus Christ. He preached Christ from both Testaments, showing th..

$12.00 $9.60
The Forgiveness of Sins -20 %

The Forgiveness of Sins

The Forgiveness of Sins is a collection of Carl Olof Rosenius' writings, songs and hymns. The book..

$9.00 $7.20
The Martyr Lamb -20 %

The Martyr Lamb

This volume is excellent reading on both the birth, and suffering, death and resurrection of Christ...

$11.00 $8.80
The Sin-Bearer -20 % Out Of Stock

The Sin-Bearer

In The Sin Bearer, Bonar looks at Christ as the One who carried our sins and paid for them in Hi..

$3.00 $2.40
Truth And Error -20 %

Truth And Error

For those in the Church who find their apprehension of truth to be somewhat dim and obscured, Hora..

$12.00 $9.60
What About the Church? -20 %

What About the Church?

The Church is important. It has always been important, since the time of Christ. But, as the days ..

$13.00 $10.40