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New Testament

An Exposition of Matthew 24
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Perhaps no one passage of Scripture has suffered more at the hands of expositors than Matthew Chapter 24. Amillennialists generally insist upon a figurative interpretation of the passage, or claim that almost every event described transpired in AD 70.Postmillennialists have a very serious pr..
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Combining homiletical warmth and personal application, Candlish gives a sound and faithful exposition of the First Epistle of John.Author: Robert S. CandlishPublisher: KregelYear: 1992ISBN 13: 9780825423338 Number of Pages: 444Format: Paperback..
Commentary on Acts
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An exhaustive and carefully expounded, verse-by-verse commentary, this work is prefaced by an informative and concise time-line chart to show the reader at a glance the chronology of events recorded in this important and pivotal New Testament book. This book was first published in 1882.Autho..
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Commentary on John
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Whitelaw examines such rich themes as the Fatherhood of God, the character of the Son and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in these pages. This will allow the reader to study with both scholarly and devotional depth of the ’’Gospel of the Son of God.’’ Whitelaw’s commentary offers not only ..
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An exhaustive, classic exposition. "Manton's work is most commendable." -C. H. SpurgeonAuthor: Thomas MantonPublisher: KregelYear: 1988ISBN 13: 9780825432392 Number of Pages: 384Format: Paperback..
Commentary on Mark
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In this section-by-section and verse-by-verse commentary, Dr. Jones "draws out with characteristic skill and personnel lessons contained in the gospel." His expository skill and devotional depth and sensitivity make this a valuable work for all who seek guidance and practical stimulus for li..
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A complete examination of all major messianic passages in the Old Testament. . . . A helpful exposition based upon careful exegesis and containing practical applications of the text.Author: John A. BroadusPublisher: KregelYear: 1990ISBN 13: 9780825422836Number of Pages: 610Format: Paperback..
Let's Study Revelation
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An excellent book dealing with the Book of Revelation from a Sovereign Grace Landmark position.Author: Edgar G. CookPublisher: Berea Baptist ChurchYear: 2010ISBN 13: 9781932879247Number of Pages: 197Format: Paperback..
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Living Through the Storm-Daily Devotional on James
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Paul was not the only antagonist who became not only a believer but, an active servant of our Lord. James, the son of Alphaeus, according to Gill, is a half brother of our Lord and brother of Judas. This Judas was not the same as the one that betrayed Jesus, but also a half brother of our ..
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Philemon and Onesimus
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The Epistle of Paul to Philemon is a very small New Testament Book. It is nestled between the epistles to Titus and the Hebrews. However, though this Book of Philemon is small, it is bursting with Meaning and with important Knowledge that we, as Christians, ought to desire to attain and po..
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Revelation - A Commentary on Revelation
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Author: E. C. GillentinePublisher: Bogard PressYear: 2004ISBN 13: 9780892111350Number of Pages: 112Format: Paperback..
The Armour of God
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This book is a commentary on Ephesians 6:10-20. The book expounds on Paul's teachings concerning the armour that the soldiers of Jesus Christ must wear in order to fight in the cause of Christ.Author: Paul SteppPublisher: LuluYear: 2011ISBN 13: 9781458359971 Number of Pages: 149Format: Paperbac..
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