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Old Testament

In this chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse commentary on Isaiah, the author succeeds admirably in making the prophet Isaiah's meaning clear. The scholarly and informative general introduction (over 70 pages) to the Book of Isaiah alone is worth the purchase price. As Dr. Unger points out ..
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Although more than six hundred commentators have written on the Psalms, it has long been difficult to find a comprehensive treatment of this book of Scripture in one volume. Some expositions have excelled in scholarship, but, unlike the Psalter, in instructing the mind they have failed to exercise t..
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These beautiful sermons where delivered during the springtime of the author’s spiritual life; of which he has written:The key to the Song of Songs lies in personal experience. For him that is without, and who has not yet entered into the blessed sanctuary fellowship with Christ, of which this Song t..
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The verses under consideration in this work form one of the most important passages in all of the Old Testament. The finished work of Jesus Christ is set forth in sparkling clarity. The glorious Gospel of the grace of God is displayed with great force and power. In a day of doctrinal weakne..
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The prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, recorded in Daniel 9:24-27, has always been an important portion to students of the Scriptures. The views which men take in regard to this passage are legions. But in our generation there is renewed interest in this section of the Word due to events in the ..
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First, in the Book we are to see a love song on a high romantic plane. This condemns the perversion of marriage which was current in Solomon’s time. Second, the author intended to teach typical truth. Some say about Jehovah and Israel. In Israel the marriage relationship was viewed as bearin..
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I Chronicles by J. HayII Chronicles by W. GustafsonAuthors: J. Hay & W. GustafsonPublisher: John Ritchie LtdYear: 2013ISBN 13:  9781907731860 Number of Pages: 636Format: Hardback..
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Daniel (by J. R. Baker)The book of Daniel is unique in giving more detail of the “times of the Gentiles” than any other book in the Old Testament.Hosea (by J. M. Flanigan)Hosea has a message of appeals and promises, denunciations and threatenings, all mingled together in love.Joel (by D. Gilliland)W..
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Exodus is the book of redemption, describing the servitude of the people, the interest of God in their sufferings and groaning, the work of God in bringing about their deliverance, and the great truth of salvation effected by blood.But the narrative does not end there! Deliverance from the penalty o..
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This commentary on Ezekiel will prove to be helpful, practical and challenging to the believer who is interested to learn of God’s ways in the Old Testament.Authors: D. StevelyPublisher: John Ritchie LtdYear: 2016ISBN 13:  9781910513613 Number of Pages: 272Format: Hardback..
Ezra (by M. K. Hall)The book of Ezra has a message for believers in any situation where return, recovery, restoration or revival is needed in the worship, walk, work and witness of Christians, whether individually or collectively.Nehemiah (by C.T. Lacey)The book of Nehemiah tells of the Lord ministe..
Author: J. W. FergusonPublisher: John Ritchie LtdYear: 2011ISBN 13: 9781907731044 Number of Pages: 312Format: Hardback..
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