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Commentary on RevelationEthelburt William Bullinger was an Anglican pastor, Dispensationalist, and gifted theologian. The author of classics such as Number in Scripture and Written in the Stars, Bullinger approached Bible study with a devotion that few scholars have ever matched. In Commentary o..
Charles Bridges' commentary on Ecclesiastes shows that this neglected book of Scripture is: - Relevant for today. Our land needs to be awakened to the futility of seeking happiness without God. - Clear when interpreted in the light of its overall theme. - Suitable not merely for 'the light-h..
A In this illuminating commentary, A. Graeme Auld helps readers understand the message--historical and theological--contained in the story of the Israelite monarchy. The message of the books of Kings remains relevant to today's world. It concerns power and the constant need for remaining faithfu..
In Joel and Obadiah, John Barton furnishes a fresh translation of the ancient manuscripts and discusses questions of historical background and literary architecture before providing a theologically sensitive and critically informed interpretation of the text.The Old Testament Library provid..
Paradise to Prison by John DavisParadise to Prison is a commentary, textbook and complete study guide to the book of Genesis. In very readable fashion the author explores the lives of the patriarchs as well as important doctrinal themes. Each chapter is carefully documented and sources f..
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