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Cover To Cover
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Cover to Cover has been written to encourage Christians to view the Bible and its message as a whole, and to think more broadly about its themes. It also seeks to stimulate interest in reading through the complete Bible every year. The selected themes are presented in three sections: Central..
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One Day At A Time
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That’s the way you have to live life – one day at a time. But it is how you live each day that makes all the difference. One way to ensure that our days on earth count for God is to fill our minds and hearts with the “engrafted Word” that we might grow by it. For this reason we take pleasure in issu..
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The Millennium, or Kingdom Age, is that era in the future history of the world when the Lord Jesus shall receive from God the rule and government of the earth. This era is to last one thousand years. No less than six times in the first seven verses of Revelation 20 we find this expression "the thous..
    The narrative in Luke 16:19-31 grew out of a conversation which Christ had with the Pharisees. He had taught on the danger of the love of money (vv. 1-2), the deceitful nature of riches (vv. 9-11), the right use of property (vv. 11-12), the worthlessness of earthly esteem (v...
Marriage is the oldest of all Divine institutions. There was blissful perfection in that first marriage. God Himself performed the first marriage. If marriage is to be perpetuated as God intended, then it must be as He directed.But this subject of marriage has been perverted by men.  It is high..
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