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The life and hymns of Joseph Hart.Author: J. A. Kingham Publisher: Gospel Standard Truth Publications ISBN 13: 9781897837573 Number of Pages: 198Format: Hardback..
The Diary and Life of Andrew Bonar (1810-92) gives a panoramic view of one of the most fascinating periods of Scotland’s church history. But first and foremost it is the record of God’s work in the life of a man who represented all that was finest in the evangelical life of that country.Pupil of Tho..
In his biography of Archibald G. Brown, Iain Murray writes that instead of following his father to wealth in commerce and banking, Archibald Brown built a church to hold 3,000 in the East End of London while still in his twenties. Five thousand eight hundred were to join in 30 years. Almost simultan..
"In this little volume Gaustad has provided us with fine primary source material on a little-known Baptist of the 17th century. [Obadiah Holmes's] document itself is of considerable interest, since we have so few personal accounts from early Baptists, besides the outstanding men like Roger Williams...
Quaint, eminently godly, without doubt a preacher greatly used by God, Christmas Evans (1766-1838) has been largely forgotten in recent years. Yet at one time his name was a household word in Wales. In simple and interesting fashion this new biography portrays the remarkable life of this rem..
From the moment that Elijah bursts onto the scene, every incident in his life and ministry is packed with gripping intensity. Friedrich W Krummacher (1796-1868) deploys his characteristic style to draw out the spiritual significance in every event and it makes for compelling reading.Pastors ..
Author: Friedrich W. KrummacherPublisher: Pietan PublicationsYear: 1976Number of Pages: 251Format: paperback..
This is the first full-scale biography of Elizabeth Prentiss, since the Memoir written by her husband in 1882. Sharon James tells the story of a fascinating, gifted, and godly woman, who exercised a wide influence in America and beyond through her novels and other writings. Through various t..
Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher (1796-1868) was a prominent German Reformed pastor, and best remembered in our day for his works: "Elisha: A Prophet for Our Times", "Elijah the Tishbite" and "The Suffering Saviour". Krummacher was a leader in the Evangelical Alliance and an ardent opponent to t..
Most Christians know John Newton as the slave ship captain who famously converted to Christ on the high seas and then penned one of the greatest hymns of the faith: “Amazing Grace.” Less well-known is Newton’s significance in his own day as an evangelical icon, great preacher and theologian, and imp..
The Gospels make it clear that John was the first New Testament Baptist. He was not John the Mormon or John the Methodist. He was not John the Catholic or John the Campbellite. Rather, he was John the Baptist. God was the first one to call John “the Baptist” (Matt. 3:1), and this makes the..
John Warburton - Servant of a Covenant God
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A Lancashire weaver - a father of twelve - a Particular Baptist preacher - the author of the Christian classic, The Mercies of a Covenant God - one of the three founders of the Gospel Standard Baptist Churches, which included William Gadsby and John Kershaw - Pastor of Zion Chapel, Trowbridg..
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