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A study of the cross on which our Saviour was crucified reveals more than just a piece of wood on which He was nailed. He was made to suffer and to bear many crosses before He came to the cross of Calvary. In the first part of this short study we see that there were seven distinct crosses wh..
In this series of sermons Elder Cockrell looks at six different Bible Characters. Much truth can be gleaned from these different people: Thomas, the doubter;John, the beloved disciple; Peter, an impulsive man; Judas, the avaricious man; Stephen, the myrtyred deacon; Paul, the great apostle a..
Perhaps no one passage of Scripture has suffered more at the hands of expositors than Matthew Chapter 24. Amillennialists generally insist upon a figurative interpretation of the passage, or claim that almost every event described transpired in AD 70.Postmillennialists have a very serious pr..
The word “backsliding” occurs 16 times in the Old Testament and “backslider” only once. The word literally means to go back or away from. It is to turn the back to God. Of Israel God complained of old: “And they have turned unto me the back, and not the face” (Jer. 32:33). For a person to ba..
Behind the Scenes: Sketches from Real Life
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This book has been the means of convincing a large number of pedobaptists of the validity of the Baptist position of immersion as the proper mode of baptism, and not that of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism.Author: F. M. IamsPublisher: Baptist BookshelfYear: 1994Number of Pages: 223Format: ..
A look at the holiday of Christmas from the Bible.Author: Milburn R. CockrellBinding: PaperbackLocation: M4..
In this series of sermons Elder Cockrell looks at the many covenants of the Bible. First Elder Cockrell deals with the Father's, Son's, and Holy Spirit's part in the Covenant of Grace. Afterwards he deals with the Edenic, Abamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic and Palestinian covenants. ..
The topic of death and the hereafter are of great concern to all sensible and spiritual people. Die we all must, unless we be privileged to be among those living saints who shall be translated when the Lord returns. What is life like after death in the case of the righteous? This book seeks ..
This re-appraisement of Scripture teaching upon the position of women in Christian churches is most timely. Dr. Porter edited and partly wrote this volume with additions from other authors. The teaching of the scriptures do define and limit the position of women, both in regard to their general plac..
Does Christ have the ability to perpetuate His church? To contest this is to deny the Deity of Christ. If He could not do what He wanted to do, then He was not God. Since Jesus Christ is Divine and has all power in Heaven and on earth, the continuity of His church is assured to all Bible bel..
There are three predominate gardens in the Bible. The Garden of Eden, The Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden of New Jerusalem. In this book Elder Cockrell takes a look at each one and offers us many spiritual gleanings, including how the plan of salvation can be seen through each.Author: Mi..
In this book the writer has as his grand object the presentation of truth concerning the local church bride of Christ. Nevertheless, this is almost an impossible task, for many who read this book have been taught against the truth and told it is worst of all heresies. If there is prejudice a..
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